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Options For Freeze Protection

What Are Your Options For Freeze Protection? The winter weather is upon us, and preparing for the season is necessary.  With the Houston weather varying each year it is important to have your sprinkler system prepped and ready.  With freeze protection you reduce the likelihood of the possible damage to your sprinkler system.  Here are...

Help Your Grass Stay Green

As the summer temperatures rise and the scorching sun bears down upon us, it’s time to rethink our lawn care practices for the hot summer months in Houston, TX.  There are many simple ways to help your grass stay green. One key strategy is to let your grass grow higher. Below, we’ll explore the reasons...

Are your sprinkler heads straight?

When your spray heads are off you will have coverage problems and uneven distribution of water. Here are our top 5 reasons to get them straight. Straightening heads in yard sprinkler systems is very important for several reasons: 1. Uniform Coverage: Straight heads ensure uniform coverage of water across the desired area. When the heads...

Cycle+Soak feature explained

Use this Cycle+Soak  feature if you have the Rain Bird ESP or TM2 Controller. Other sprinkler apps also have this feature including Hunter and Rachio. Today, I am discussing Rain Bird. You will need the wifi module and then download their free app to operate. Understanding the Cycle+Soak feature in your Rain Bird controller is...

Prepare your sprinkler system for the heat wave

Check your sprinkler system now and look for any problems due to the coming heat. Houston forecast may break some records by this weekend. Here are some tips that can help save you money. Remember, most yards look fantastic with recent rain, but that will now change. We are available if you have some questions...

Where are your sprinkler valve boxes?

Knowing the location of your sprinkler valve boxes in your yard is important for a few reasons: Maintenance Sprinkler valve boxes contain important components that help regulate water flow to your sprinkler system including electrical components like the solenoid. Knowing where your valves are located makes it easier to perform routine maintenance which will save...

The Heat of Summer is Coming Soon

The heat of summer is coming soon to Houston and the need for irrigating your plants will increase significantly. An increase of about 30% is needed for watering in the summer. A good sign for the increase is when temperatures start going over 90 degree consistently for high temperature. I was walking in my yard...

Summer Sprinkler Settings for Your Plants!

The hottest days of Summer are here! That means it’s time to look at your sprinkler system settings. We wanted to remind you to increase your time on your Sprinkler System settings as we get closer to summer heat! A well-working system can protect your investment of your landscaping and grass, and even your homes...

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