Water Conservation Tips For Sugar Land Residents

Sugar Land, Texas

Save Water With These Conservation Tips

One of these water saving tips could help save some cash and keep your plants and grass alive. We suggest you walk your yard monthly to check for any leaks or problems.

  • Water in the early morning before the heat of the day.
  • Let your grass grow higher during the summer heat.
  • Water with two start times to allow soak in time.
  • Deep water your grass, this time of year your lawn needs 1″ a week.
  • A 2″ depth of mulch is ideal to retain moisture and keep weeds out.
  • Raise spray heads when water spray is being deflected by plant growth.
  • Clean your spray head nozzles when they are clogged with debris.
  • Replace leaky spray heads and repair all leaks.
  • Straighten your spray heads to get the best spray pattern and avoid waist.
  • Use Drip irrigation for small areas when possible.
  • Improve your coverage by adding new spray heads or water saving nozzles.
  • Water by zone. Rotors, spray heads and drip are all different and require different run times.
  • Update manual mechanical controller to a smart weather controller.
  • Prevent water running out on the sidewalk or street after sprinkler runs. Invest in RainBird SAM heads with check valve to prevent any runoff.
  • Turn off your system in rain or get a good rain sensor.

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