Sprinkler System Installations

Tomball, Texas

Tomball Sprinkler System Installations

At Southwest Irrigation Systems (SWIS), we are a proud Select Contractor of Rain Bird Irrigation Products. With their variety of high-quality products and our professional team of licensed irrigation specialists, SWIS is the best choice for all your sprinkler system needs in the Tomball area.

Reasons to install a sprinkler system in your yard:

  • Saves water: with the ability to water a large surface area at once, you get more coverage for less water.
  • Saves time: being able to pre-schedule watering times means that you no longer have to stand outside with a water hose in hand, giving you more time to focus on other things.
  • Saves money: professionally installed irrigation systems are big on water conservation and only use what your lawn and plants need, therefore keeping your water bill at a minimum.
  • Adds value: homes that have lawn irrigation systems tend to have a better resale value and curb appeal.

Every yard is different, so we build your sprinkler system to fit your watering needs. We take into consideration the possibility of adding on to your outdoor living area and the need for future sprinkler expansions. With every installation, we provide our customers with a full CAD drawing of the system to ensure knowledge of where everything is and how it is supposed to work.

On top of installations, we offer year-round maintenance/repair plans to ensure that your sprinkler system stays working properly. To learn more information about the systems we install, give our team at SWIS a call today!

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