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Where are your sprinkler valve boxes?

Knowing the location of your sprinkler valve boxes in your yard is important for a few reasons: Maintenance Sprinkler valve boxes contain important components that help regulate water flow to your sprinkler system including electrical components like the solenoid. Knowing where your valves are located makes it easier to perform routine maintenance which will save...

Helpful Tips When Choosing a Contractor

We know that looking for the right contractor is a little stressful.  It is very important to find the right contractor to make sure the job is done correctly and to prevent any mishap that might cost you in the future. See a few tips that will guide you in the right direction when choosing...

The Heat of Summer is Coming Soon

The heat of summer is coming soon to Houston and the need for irrigating your plants will increase significantly. An increase of about 30% is needed for watering in the summer. A good sign for the increase is when temperatures start going over 90 degree consistently for high temperature. I was walking in my yard...

Summer Sprinkler Settings for Your Plants!

The hottest days of Summer are here! That means it’s time to look at your sprinkler system settings. We wanted to remind you to increase your time on your Sprinkler System settings as we get closer to summer heat! A well-working system can protect your investment of your landscaping and grass, and even your homes...

Sprinkler Settings for Warming Temperatures!

Lets talk about sprinkler settings! This time of year many are updating their landscaping with new plants and replacing some with freeze damage . You want to make sure that the new plants are getting enough water to get root base established before the heat sets in. Houston temps will be climbing soon We will...

Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

If you have not had any recent drainage issues, you might begin to wonder: “is drain cleaning necessary?” Above is a picture of highly saturated ground in need of drainage. Even if you are not seeing water back-up, routine cleaning is important to maintain a functioning drainage system. Regular drainage cleaning is necessary to prevent...

Sprinkler System Water Saving Tips

These water saving tips can save you up to 50% on your sprinkler water bill. We see these problems every day in the field with our service trucks. Watching water go down the city drain is a frustrating sight. Watering Suggestions Turn off your sprinkler system controller when you get good rain or better yet...

Sprinkler Repair Near Me?

Are you asking the question: “Who performs the best sprinkler repair near me?” You have found the company! Southwest Irrigation Systems has been in business for over 35 years serving Houston and the greater Houston area. Where is Southwest Irrigation Systems located? We have two locations in Houston. One location on the south side in...

The Top Benefits of Irrigation Smart Controllers

Explore the massive benefits of Irrigation Smart Controllers: 1. You can save money by reducing water waste. Depending on the smart irrigation controller you select, it can adjust for the daily weather, the plant type you are watering, the soil type, and slope. Controllers can be adjusted from your phone and can help you identify...

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