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July 28, 2023by Peter Hudson

As the summer temperatures rise and the scorching sun bears down upon us, it’s time to rethink our lawn care practices for the hot summer months in Houston, TX.  There are many simple ways to help your grass stay green. One key strategy is to let your grass grow higher. Below, we’ll explore the reasons why this is beneficial for your lawn’s well-being in the summer heat. Deep watering your grass is an essential practice that can help during the heat. This means to water longer than normal settings. You should be running your system 130% – 140% of normal run time settings. Grass should be set to water three to four days a week. Water restrictions may go into effect, if we do not get measurable rain soon.

1. Shade and Cooling Effect

By allowing your grass to grow taller, it naturally provides more shade for the soil beneath. This shading effect helps in reducing soil temperature, preventing it from getting too hot and safeguarding the root system of your grass.

2. Retaining Moisture

Taller grass helps to retain moisture in the soil for longer periods. During the intense heat of a Houston summer, water evaporates quickly from the ground. Longer grass blades act as a natural barrier, slowing down water evaporation and helping the soil hold onto much-needed moisture. This means less frequent watering, saving you time and money on your water bills. 

3. Weed Suppression

Taller grass helps to naturally suppress the growth of weeds. The shade created by the taller blades hinders weed seeds from germinating and establishing themselves. A thick and healthy lawn is your best defense against invasive weeds that often thrive during summer months, reducing the need for harmful herbicides.

4. Reduced Stress on the Grass:

During extreme heat, grass experiences stress, which can lead to browning and damage. Allowing your lawn to grow higher mitigates this stress, as the extra foliage acts as a buffer against the heat, protecting the grass from burning out and promoting its long-term health.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics:

Contrary to what some might think, a taller lawn can actually look more lush and vibrant. It provides a natural, meadow-like appearance that many homeowners find appealing.

As you can see, there are several compelling reasons to let your grass grow higher during the hot summer months in H Town Area. Embracing this approach not only benefits the health of your lawn but also contributes to a more comfortable and visually appealing outdoor space. Remember, regular mowing is still essential to maintain the taller grass at an appropriate height and prevent it from becoming overgrown. Happy lawn caring and remember to deep water your grass and plants.

Feel free to call Southwest Irrigation Systems at 281-494-3700 or you can book an appointment online. We would be happy to have a technician out to help you keep you grass green!

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