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See the Benefit of a Rain Bird ME3 Smart Controller

June 19, 2024by Peter Hudson

Rain Bird is a very well-known name in the irrigation and landscaping industry. The company is known for many products that enhance landscaping and irrigation systems like spray heads, bubblers, valves, etc. We recommend all Rain Bird products but one of our favorites is the Rain Bird ME3 controller. This controller came out a few years ago and is a game changer whenever it comes to smart irrigation.


The controller is designed to be extremely tech savvy. The ME3 controller can link to the Rain Bird app on your phone, giving you the ability to set up personalized watering schedules. The controller is also powered by Wi-Fi, allowing your system to receive internet right from your home.


Along with being technically advanced, the ME3 controller has a very durable make. It is designed with a well-lit screen for visibility in the dark hours, as well as a lockable cover to prevent outdoor factors such as bugs from interfering with the controller. Along with outdoors the controller can also be installed indoors with pre-installed power cords.


The Rain Bird ME3 Controller is a great controller for any irrigation system. Not only is it tech-savvy, but it could link with the Rain Sensor and bypass irrigation after rainfall. The controller can also make daily adjustments to watering based on weather conditions in your area. Scheduling is made easier because it allows 4 different programs with different start times.

Watering & Costs Savings

One of the benefits of the smart controller is its ability to save you water and money by adjusting watering schedules based on the surrounding climate. The smart controller can save you up to 30% on overwatering.

Regulatory Compliance

Cities usually have watering regulations, and the smart controller helps ensure compliance by adjusting to local watering restrictions and guidelines. The city of Houston’s asks homeowners to water after 7 p.m. and before 5 a.m., each house varies on the certain days they restrict you to water.

If you’re interested in upgrading your system, consider investing in a rain bird smart controller. At Southwest Irrigation, we have Rain Bird controllers always stocked in our vans. Call today to inquire about one. 281-494-3700.

For more information on the Rain Bird ME3 Controller, visit Rain Bird ME3

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