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Options For Freeze Protection

October 30, 2023by Peter Hudson

What Are Your Options For Freeze Protection?

The winter weather is upon us, and preparing for the season is necessary.  With the Houston weather varying each year it is important to have your sprinkler system prepped and ready.  With freeze protection you reduce the likelihood of the possible damage to your sprinkler system.  Here are the options to consider this winter when protecting your backflow:

Option #1: Keeping your system running for the winter.

If you want to keep your system running all year, the Wilkins freeze relief valve is a great option. During dry weather it is nice to be able to water your trees and plants during the winter. The freeze relief valve has a proven track record since it came out in 2014. The valve prevents freezing to your backflow, by allowing water to circulate.  Along with the freeze relief valve, we recommend an insulated backflow bag to cover your valve. With the variety of Houston weather, you never know what weather you’re going to get during the winter months.  At Southwest Irrigation Systems our licenses technicians can install a freeze relief valve as well an insulated back-flow bag. You can only use the freeze relief valve with the Wilkins brand back-flow.

Option #2: Shutting down your system & draining your backflow.

Draining your backflow is a great way to protect your sprinkler system from freeze damage to your pipes and backflow.  Draining your backflow includes getting all the water out of your lines above the ground. Every pipe under the ground is considered safe since Houston doesn’t stay cold long enough. Whenever water is left in your pipes under freezing temperature it can expand causing your pipes to burst and damage your system.  Our licensed technicians can drain your backflow completely, including taking water out of your backflow pipes, back-flow shut off and bleed valves.


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