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Planting in November

November 6, 2023by Peter Hudson

Embrace the November breeze, sow the seeds, and let nature’s beauty unfreeze. 

Strong plants and trees create a robust environment. By planting beautiful trees and plants, you can establish an open and eco-friendly atmosphere around your home. With their vibrant colors, you are bound to win “Yard of the Month”. Now is the perfect time to start planning! With cooler temperatures, increased rainfall, and a decrease in the UV index, November provides an ideal setting for planting your trees.

“Fall is the best time to start planting because the root systems have 6-7 months to establish themselves before the heat returns”-Todd Fabor, Horticulturist and Owner of Garden Guy.

People often argue that spring is a great time to plant because there is an adequate amount of rain. However, in Houston, this doesn’t work out well for us, as it gets so hot so quickly here, making it more likely for your plants to dry out in the spring.

With being in the South, November is the perfect time to dig into the soil and plant your seeds. With cooler temperatures, the roots have just the right amount of time to grow before the summer. As fall brings reduced heat stress and ample moisture, trees can direct their energy towards root development and preparation for the upcoming season. By planting in the fall, your trees and plants can enjoy a longer, healthier life. 

Here are some tips when planting this fall:

  1. Less water time.

During fall, trees and plants require significantly less water compared to summer.  As trees prepare for dormancy and shed their leaves, their energy is drawn to root growth. To support your trees, watering every 7-10 days is recommended to ensure they receive adequate moisture.

2.  Learning your plant

Does your plant grow in the sun or the shade? What type of environment is ideal for your plant to flourish in? It is important to research and understand your plant’s specific requirements before purchasing. Each plant has unique needs, so make sure to know and provide the right conditions for healthy growth. 

3.  Know what to grow and what not to grow.

Not all plants thrive their best in the fall.  For example, bare root plants like roses and fruit trees thrive best in late winter. Whereas, pine trees, maple trees, and hackberry grow best in the fall season. 

Rebirth your garden and dig in this November! Check out our article about watering recommendations for the fall.  New Watering Recommendations for the Cooler Fall Season

For more details about landscaping in the fall, be sure to check out this article from Garden Guys.

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