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Professional Outdoor Lighting v. Store Bought Lighting

November 17, 2023by Peter Hudson

Outdoor lighting serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Enhancing the functionality, safety, and visual appeal of outdoor areas. Whether it’s illuminating a garden, patio, or exterior of a building, outdoor installations can create a welcoming atmosphere. It is important to consider how you go about choosing the right lighting for you.

Store-bought outdoor lighting and professional lighting installations cater to distinct needs and preferences, each with its own set of advantages. Store-bought lighting is easily accessible in stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, and easily installed by the consumer and suitable for basic needs. Professional Design experts can assess the specific requirements of the outdoor space, creating a customized lighting plan, and special features.

Here are some ways Professional Outdoor Lighting differs from Store-bought lighting:


Professional outdoor lighting is installed by a trained professional that understands proper wiring, placement, and lighting features. Lighting professionals also make sure to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Store-bought options are designed for easier installation. These lights can be easily set up but may lack the performance and expertise that a professional installation can provide.


Professional outdoor lighting use high quality lighting like Sterling Lighting or FX. With professional outdoor lighting installed your lights are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. With the longevity of professional lighting installed your lights are likely to with stand at least 30,000 hours of use.

Store-bought lighting can vary in quality. Some lighting may be durable, whereas others may not hold up over time. The materials and construction may not always meet the standards of professional grade lighting. With store-bought lighting, incandescent lighting most likely won’t last as long as LED lighting.


Those who specialize in lighting can assess your space, consider its unique features, architecture, and landscape. Professional lighting also features automated controls, and a customized schedule allowing for more dynamic effects.

Store-bought options are pre-designed which offers limited customization. Store-bought lighting may not provide the level of personalization and sophistication that a professional design can achieve. They have basic functions that do not offer the same level as a professional grade system.

Long-Term Maintenance 

Professionals may offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure quality performance over time. This can include system adjustments and system checks.

Consumers typically take on the responsibility of assessing maintenance for store-bought options. While some fixtures may be easy to replace, the overall system may not receive the same level of professional attention.

In summary, professional outdoor lighting provides a well-executed and high-quality solution with the focus on performance and durability. Whereas store bought options are more accessible but offer limited customization and longevity.

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