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Water saving spray heads like the Rain Bird SAM & PRS

December 8, 2023by Peter Hudson

The Seal-A-Matic and Pressure Regulating Seal-A-Matic

Within Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads, the Seal-A-Matic (SAM) and Pressure Regulating Seal-A-Matic (PRS) stand as expert innovations, each serving their distinct role in drainage and pressure regulation. The SAM and PRS have elevated the performance of irrigation systems to a new level. Created for optimal drainage and pressure regulation, these technologies demonstrate Rain Birds dedication to providing solutions that redefine the standards in water conservation and landscaping.

The Seal-A-Matic 

The Rain Bird Seal-A-Matic (SAM) is designed to prevent drainage on your lower sprinkler heads. It holsters a check valve mechanism that activates when the irrigation system is turned off. By doing so, it prevents the escape of water from the lowest sprinkler head in places where low drainage is an issue, like slopes. The SAM also mitigates water hammer during the system start-up, reducing the risk of wear on your irrigation system. The SAM plays a role in minimizing water damage to the lowest sprinkler head showing its importance in maintaining the efficiency of your system. In conclusion, the SAM is a key element in the battle against water waste.

The Pressure Regulating Seal-A-Matic

The Pressure Regulating Seal-A-Matic (PRS) is a mechanism that is combined with the features of the SAM regarding pressure regulation. The PRS takes charge of water pressure at the sprinkler head regardless of variations in the overall system pressure. By maintaining optimal pressure, the PRS can reduce water consumption up to 50%, and it eliminates water waste from misting. It is most efficient in areas with different elevations or multiples zones with different pressure.

The Rain Bird SAM and PRS are designed to fit your irrigation needs. You can rely on the SAM and the PRS to prevent water loss and maintain consistent pressure. These products can also save you $$$$ off your water bill.

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