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An Install Experience with Southwest Irrigation Systems

December 15, 2023by Peter Hudson

At Southwest Irrigation Systems, we offer top-notch installations, and our installations even include advanced technologies made to benefit your landscape. We first asses the area, listening to your specific requests. Then we create a customized layout and determine the zones and specific watering needs of the area. We then provide an estimate and once approved, we get to work on your sprinkler system! Our installations come with advanced technologies like the Rain Bird ME3 Controller, the Rain Bird WR2, and the Wilkins 720 PVB.

The Rain Bird ME3

The Rain Bird ME3 is a smart controller that has advanced flow monitoring capabilities. It is automatically installed after a sprinkler installation, the ME3 controller is user-friendly and features a back-lit display for visibility. With its built-in flow sensor, the ME3 ensures efficient water management, allowing customization of water schedules up to 22 zones. The ME3 even connects to the Rain Bird app via Wi-Fi allowing you to set up your watering schedule and turn on your sprinklers from your smartphone. To inquire more information on the ME3 controller, check out: 

The Rain Bird Sensor WR2

The Rain Bird Sensor WR2 provides optimal performance with a sprinkler system. It is a wireless sensor that prevents irrigation for up to 48 hours after rainfall. The features of the sensor allow you to save time and improve your irrigation system. The controller is very user-friendly and can save you up to 35% on water usage.

The Wilkins PVB 720A

The Wilkins PVB 720A, also known as a backflow preventer, ensures a continuous one-way flow of water while preventing any back siphonage. The Pressure Vacuum Breaker has a maximum pressure of 150 psi, and features a temperature range from 33 degrees F to 110 degrees F. The external area of the backflow preventer features a brass bonnet ensuring durability. The stainless-steel handles contribute to longevity and reduces the risk of rust. The Wilkins Backflow is also durable with a Wilkins Freeze Relief Valve, which help prevents your pipes from busting during a freeze.

With these cutting-edge technologies, you’re not just getting an efficient irrigation system, but a system that is customized to you. Our installation process does not stop there, we provide our customers with a 3-year written warranty with new installations and offer complimentary sprinkler adjustments within the first 30 days of installation.

For more information on our installations, visit: Sprinkler System Installation & Repairs

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