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Revolutionize Your Drain Cleaning with the Hydro-Jet

January 5, 2024by Peter Hudson

Are clogged drains and blockages causing problems for your home’s drainage pipes? You may need the hydro-jet. The hydro-jet is a game changer whenever it comes to pipe cleaning. The hydro-jet is an effective tool with a cutting-edge design. It features a high-pressure hose equipped with a specially designed nozzle that delivers a stream at 4,000 psi and 4.5 gallons per minute (GPM), leaving your pipes spotless. The hydro-jet isn’t just your average pipe cleaning tool like a snake, it is the most effective way to completely tackle your blocked and clogged pipes.

Heavy rainfall and flooding are common in the Houston area, and these factors can cause issues by allowing debris to flow into the drains. While some individuals use snaking to clean out drainage pipes it doesn’t always remove everything from the pipe or work as efficiently. On the other hand, the hydro-jet is a more efficient solution for drainage cleaning because it can reach and clean any blockage that is affecting your drainage system.

Drain blockages can occur from fallen leaves, tree roots, or silt, and these items can become lodged in your pipes, leaving an unpleasant gunk. These items can become lodged, causing disruptions in the flow of water. With the buildup of debris, it is common for bacteria to grow. However, a feature of the hydro-jet is its ability to eliminate bacteria. Unlike other methods that rely on harsh chemicals, this tool uses the power of pure H2O to restore your pipes.

Our hydro-jet also has a camera, allowing us to identify the blockage within the drainage line. This enables us to determine the best approach for resolving the blockage.

Snaking v. Hydro-Jet:

Snaking is an easily accessible tool designed for clearing minor blockages. It actively targets and removes only debris that is causing the clog in the drain. Snakes are user-friendly and address minor clogs, ensuring accurate water flow through your pipes. However, for harsher blockages, the hydro-jet is a powerful solution. While snaking and hydro-jet share similarities, the hydro-jet stands out as a more efficient method for drain clearance. It excels at eliminating debris and bacteria by conducting a thorough cleansing through your pipes.

How do I know if I need the hydro-jet?

  • Slow drainage: Slow drainage may be caused by the buildup of debris in the pipes. Hydro-jetting can help clear out these obstructions and restore proper water flow.
  • Recurring clogs: If you notice your drains are frequently getting clogged, and snaking has not cleared the drain, it may suggest a bigger issue. In these cases, snaking might not be sufficient, and a thorough cleaning with the hydro-jet could provide a more effective solution.
  • Tree Root infiltration: Homes with older drainage systems can have issues regarding tree root infiltration. Tree root infiltration can cause damage to your pipes and can cause cracking. You may even have to replace your drainage lines due to root damage in your pipes. Hydro-jetting can break through and remove tree roots that have been intruded into the pipes.

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