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Prepare your drainage system for heavy rain!

The first day of Hurricane season was June 1st. Be prepared for the heavy rain that comes from tropical systems. A Hurricane can have a significant impact on your drainage system creating various problems if the system was not properly maintained. Clogged drainage pipes can backup catch basins quickly causing water buildup in your yard....

See Why Tree Roots Can Damage Your Sprinkler System!

Tree roots can damage your sprinkler system in several ways Physical intrusion: Tree roots naturally seek sources of water, and if they come into contact with sprinkler pipes or fittings, they can grow around them and even penetrate them. As the roots expand, they can cause cracks or breaks in the pipes, leading to leaks or complete...

Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

If you have not had any recent drainage issues, you might begin to wonder: “is drain cleaning necessary?” Above is a picture of highly saturated ground in need of drainage. Even if you are not seeing water back-up, routine cleaning is important to maintain a functioning drainage system. Regular drainage cleaning is necessary to prevent...

Find Out Why Your Drainage is Not Working Properly

SWIS drainage cleaning service now offers new value added services at no additional charge!  We are rolling out an exciting new program for drainage cleaning at SWIS. It is important to us to show you what is going on inside your drainage and find solution to problem. We will bring out our camera and roto...

The Drainage Questions You Must Ask

To optimize your outdoor living areas at your home, here are some drainage questions you must ask. How long does water stay in your yard after a rain? Draining your yard is not a necessity, or is it? That would depend on what kind of outdoor living area you want and how well any rain...

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