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Prepare your drainage system for heavy rain!

June 12, 2023by Peter Hudson

The first day of Hurricane season was June 1st. Be prepared for the heavy rain that comes from tropical systems. A Hurricane can have a significant impact on your drainage system creating various problems if the system was not properly maintained.

Clogged drainage pipes can backup catch basins quickly causing water buildup in your yard.

If you’re not properly flushing your pipes and catch basins, you’re not getting all the gunk out. Consequently, buildup in your pipes cannot always be cleared with traditional methods, as it gets pushed to the sides and be left filling up your pipe. Hydro-jetting may be the answer to your dirty pipes. It will get your leaves, grass and soot build up out of your pipes. Our camera’s can see if you have a blockage and roto rooter can break through heavy blockage like roots.

If the drainage lines become backed up, the prolonged rainfall from a hurricane saturates the soil. This makes it much less permeable. If the drains cannot move the water, the ground becomes overly saturated which leads to flooding.

Learn more about why drainage cleaning is essential before hurricane season. 

The damages to your drainage system caused by tropical rainfall are repairable.

Heavy rain and high speed wind lead to soil erosion. Whenever you have soil erosion, it creates gullies and washouts which could allow for damage to the the underground drainage lines. Furthermore,  the force of flood waters could cause physical damage to the infrastructure of the drain lines and catch basins dislocating pipes.  Should any of this occur, undoubtedly, our technicians are ready to come out to repair any damaged drainage lines.

To mitigate the impact of a heavy rain on your drainage system, it is a great idea to regularly inspect, maintain, and routinely clean out your drainage lines. We have all the equipment needed to prepare your drainage system for the stormy season. Feel free to call us at 281-494-3700 or click here to book now and schedule an appointment. We would love to have a licensed technician come out to your home today.

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