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Drainage Cleaning Is Essential Before Hurricane Season

August 22, 2022by Peter Hudson

Now is the time for drainage cleaning in case of flooding rains.

This year we have been very dry in Texas, so do not be caught off guard.

Today is August 13th, 2022, and there is a tropical low pressure that has formed off the Texas coast. This is typical how a system can form quickly and unexpectedly in the warm gulf waters. I grew up on the Texas coast and have seen Hurricane Allen, Alicia, Ike and who can forget Harvey in 2017.

September is the most active month of the hurricane season and when most hurricanes form. Sometimes we receive heavy rain from smaller tropical systems or low-pressure systems that train meaning heavy rain keeps falling over the same area. If you have lived in Houston very long, you have seen heavy rain and flooding. I think you get the point. Back to drainage.

What to do if your drainage lines are clogged

When your drainage is clogged, it will not work to it’s designed capability. Leaves, dirt, grass clippings and soot buildup that can clog even the best drainage systems. Keeping the drain boxes clean can help keep the drains clean. Keeping your yard clean can help keep the boxes clean. Once build collects inside the pipe, it is very difficult to get out. If you are not properly flushing your system, you’re not getting all the gunk out.

SWIS has the equipment to help.

We suggest cleaning your drainage pipes a minimum of once a year.  We carry Hydro-Jet high pressure equipment, Roto Rooter equipment for roots and heavily packed pipes, and cameras to see where the problem is.

What type of pipe do you have?

Do you have SDR 35 PVC pipe or black corrugated pipe. If you have the later, you may have trouble cleaning. Black corrugated pipe has ridges inside the pipe that make the pipe smaller and less effective. In this case we would suggest you might need a new system. Black corrugated pipe will also clog easier and allow roots to grow in them due to the non-sealed joints.

When roots are a bad problem, we cannot clean and would suggest investing in a new system. If you ever invest in a new system, make sure the contractor uses SDR 35 PVC drainage pipe. It is the best long-term solution by far.

Schedule your service for cleaning drainage lines or estimate online or call us today with any questions.


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