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Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

April 28, 2023by Peter Hudson

If you have not had any recent drainage issues, you might begin to wonder: “is drain cleaning necessary?” Above is a picture of highly saturated ground in need of drainage. Even if you are not seeing water back-up, routine cleaning is important to maintain a functioning drainage system. Regular drainage cleaning is necessary to prevent flooding of your yard and optimize your outdoor living!

What causes drains to backup:
  • The most common problem comes from a variety of debris creating clogs. Lots of rubble like dirt, leaves, twigs, and other organic matter can get caught in your drainage line. This debris can clog even the best drainage systems! The picture shows a catch basin and drainage line that needs to be cleaned out.
  • Sometimes, the drainage line can get damaged or broken by shifting soil, tree roots, or construction in the yard. When a pipe is broken, debris and rubble can get in the broken pipe creating significant backup.
  •  Heavy rainfall can overwhelm drains creating backup because of the extreme amount of water running through them.
  • Poor installation will also create issues. If the drainage was not installed properly, then it will easily become overwhelmed by large water volumes.
  • Lastly, a blocked sewer line or a damaged sewer line can cause back ups in your yard drain
Backed up drains cause numerous issues:

When drains become overflowed, there is a severe risk of property damage to landscaping, nearby structures, and the grading of the yard. Additionally, sitting water can weaken the foundation of homes, bridges, or any type of structure over time. This type of sitting water can cause cracks, soil erosion, and other damage. Furthermore, it is difficult to maintain beautiful landscaping and healthy growing grass when water is sitting and creating a muddy mess. It is impossible to enjoy the backyard if it is filled with water that has no where to flow. Most significantly, backed up drains could potentially cause flooding of your home allowing water to get into the house.

Drain Cleaning Is Necessary!

Southwest Irrigation Systems offers an all inclusive drainage service that will ensure your drainage system is running with it’s maximum capacity! This service includes the camera, hydro-jet, and the roto-rooter. If there is an unknown reason causing your drainage to backup, the camera will show exactly what is causing the blockage. The hydro-jet is extremely high pressurized water that will clear debris, rubble, small roots, and more. The roto-rooter will take care of larger roots that obstruct your drainage. If you have a crushed or broken pipe, we are prepared to make the repair.  Learn more about why drainage cleaning is essential.

Feel free to call Southwest Irrigation Systems 281-494-3700 or click here to set up an appointment.


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