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Sprinkler Settings for Warming Temperatures!

April 28, 2023by Peter Hudson

Lets talk about sprinkler settings! This time of year many are updating their landscaping with new plants and replacing some with freeze damage . You want to make sure that the new plants are getting enough water to get root base established before the heat sets in.

Houston temps will be climbing soon

We will be transitioning soon to temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s.  We have just a week or two before the temperatures really ramp up.  When watering, set your controller to deep water as much as possible for maximum penetration to the roots of the plants. If you have a smart controller you can have it automatically adjust for you which is a great feature. Smart controllers are not perfect, you should  evaluate the run time and days a week.

Depending on the trees and plants you have in your yard we suggest adding a day to your watering cycle and 75% of your normal summer runtime.

We suggest setting your controller to water 3 times a week by May 1st.

This is a simple setting as we get closer to summer. Twice a week is fine until temperatures change.

Rotors Run Time 20-30 minutes

Sprays Run Time 10 -15 minutes

These sprinkler settings will vary depending on sprinkler coverage. Each yard is a little different. These are great tips to save your plants and your water bill. Now is a great time to add a couple of inches of mulch to your landscape beds before it gets to hot! This will help keep the soil cool during the summer months and have to water less. If you need some help with your settings, please ask our licensed technicians when they perform the 5 point inspection during any service call.

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