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Know Your Options for the Upcoming Freeze

January 12, 2024by Peter Hudson

Know Your Options for Freeze Protection

As Houston braces for a hard freeze from January 15th –January 17th, it becomes crucial to ensure the protection of your home’s irrigation system. Freeze protection helps prevent your system from potential damage caused by freezing temperatures, we recommend two options: winterization and the installation of a freeze relief valve.

Winterization is for individuals who want to shut their system down completely. This includes actively turning your system off and ensuring that all the water from your backflow is drained out.

Here are some steps to winterize:

  • Turn off water supply: Locate the isolation valve of your irrigation system and turn it off. You can usually find the isolation valve in a green box near the water meter. In addition, the isolation valve could also be located around the backflow.
  • Remove Backflow Parts: Inside the backflow, you’ll find the bonnet/poppet, retainer, spring, and check valve. Remove these parts to allow proper drainage.
  • Syphon water: After taking out the parts, use a ½” or ½” flex line to completely siphon all the water out of the backflow.
  • Test cocks & handles: After ensuring all water is out of the backflow, reinstall all the parts and turn the test cocks and handles to a 45-degree angle.
The Wilkins Freeze Relief Valve

The Wilkins Freeze Relief Valve has had a proven track record since its introduction. This trusted device actively prevents damage to your backflow under freezing temperatures. Furthermore, the valve provides you with the option to run your sprinkler system regardless of weather conditions.

How does the Freeze Relief Valve work?

The freeze relief valve actively senses water temperature and opens at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It allows the slow release of almost freezing water from the backflow, while actively drawing warmer water through the valve.

The freeze relief valve is a valuable tool, you never need to take it off. In addition to its durability, not many of them require replacement.

The valve works best with an insulated backflow bag; the bag fits over the backflow and provides extra protection. Double-stitched seams on the bag are sewn to be very durable, making them difficult to rip.

Our licensed technicians at Southwest Irrigation Systems have the skills to winterize your sprinkler system or install a freeze relief valve. Call or email us today! 281-494-3700,

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