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Why a Good Sprinkler System Backflow Preventer is so Important

December 12, 2022by Peter Hudson

See why a good backflow preventer is so important and tips for taking care of it!


A backflow prevention device is attached to the main water line from your home and prevents water from flowing back into your home’s pipes. This is to prevent any contaminants from reaching your drinking water.  In fact, the backflow preventer device installation is required by law under certain circumstances such as at the source of a sprinkler system, irrigation system, or swimming pool.


We use Wilkins 720A backflow preventer standard on all of our installations and most replacements.

  • Wilkins 720a has stainless steel handles.
  • Wilkins 720a has brass internal parts which can have less damage in a freeze.
  • Wilkins 720a can be expanded to add a freeze relief valve. This is huge. This allows you to leave your system going during the winter without having to drain during freeze event.

SWIS custom built backflows and insolation which include covering the shut off valves. See picture for backflow comparison.

You should have an isolation valve between the mainline connection and backflow to avoid having to shut your house water off. Moreover, this will allow testing, to repair or replace your backflow.


Keep your shut off handles lubricated with WD-40. This will help last longer through the weather elements and allow easier turning when you need to shut down.

Keep your weed eater away from eating your backflow insulation and pipe. You do not want PVC pipe exposed sun and freezing temperatures.

Keep backflow properly protected with insulation and tape. Do not ever tape over the top bell which will stop contaminated water from escaping out when needed. Keep your backflow as close to the house as possible and not out in the open area to avoid damage.

Use an insulated bag to help keep handles dry. This will help extend the life of your backflow.

Your backflow may be required to be tested by a State of Texas licensed backflow prevention assembly tester. Some municipalities and water purveyors require testing every one to three years.

Have your backflow cleaned yearly to keep bugs and other contaminants out of the top bell housing. This will allow to open and work properly.

There are special steps to take for your backflow when preparing for the colder season, learn more about that here.

A good backflow preventer is so important because it will save you money in the long run! Feel free to request an appointment online or call 281-494-3700 today to schedule a visit with one of our licensed technicians.

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