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Be Prepared With Freeze Protection in Houston

December 5, 2022by Peter Hudson

I grew up in Houston and and have often seen the weather change very fast in the winter. I remember wearing shorts some days in December and it has also been very cold. To be safe, it is better to be prepared with freeze protection on your sprinkler system. We have many options to help you from great insulated bags to freeze relief valves. This can keep your system going during the winter and avoid damage. Last year, many of our customers prepared and did not have damage to their sprinkler system. We are here to help.

Protecting Your Backflow

It is important to protect your backflow in the winter because of possible freezing temperatures which can damage to backflow and above ground pipes. When the water in the pipes freezes, it expands causing the pipe to bust creating a0 very bad leak. We are able to repair any damaged backflow but it can be costly so take precautions. See the busted backflow to the right; this is what happens when you are not prepared with freeze protection. We see this situation very frequently after a hard freeze, even here in Houston. damaged backflow from freeze

To ensure complete protection of your sprinkler pipes we offer the freeze relief valve, the insulated bag, and winterization of your sprinkler system. We carry Insulated bags that will keep your backflow above freezing up to 4 times more than competition. Wilkins freeze relief valves that keep your back-flow safe even during a hard freeze and requires no shut down. We also can insulate your back-flow shut off valves where most costly damage can occur. Back-flow protection options including different brands like Febco, Wilkins and Apollo.

If you want to shut down the sprinkler system water for the cold season, we can help you winterize your system and properly drain your backflow to avoid any damage. Click here to request an appointmentLearn more about the Pro’s and Con’s of winterizing your sprinkler system.

Freeze Relief Valve

This valve is designed to prevent freeze damage to your backflow. Sometimes, a freeze is unexpected and you do not have time to properly and completely drain your system. This Wilkins freeze relief valve senses water temperature and opens at 35 degrees F to allow almost freezing water to be released slowly from the backflow and draw warmer supply water through the valve. The freeze relief valve will close when temperatures warm up to above freezing.

Wilkins Freeze Relief Valve

This valve allows you to have complete peace of mind that your backflow will not bust or be damaged at all during the freeze. Once the freeze relief valve is installed, you will not need to worry about your sprinkler system in the freezing temperatures ever again. You do not need to do anything with your sprinkler system. 

It is important to remember  to schedule a professional for routine maintenance on your sprinkler system and routine checkup of your freeze relief valve.

Insulated Backflow Bag

Not only does the insulated backflow bag protect the pipes in cold weather, it actually provides year round protection from all the elements and from rust. The bags have double-stitched seams that are sewn to be very durable making them very difficult to rip. Brass grommets have been implanted to ensure that you will have rust proof protection, season after season. Our insulated backflow bag is the thickest, fiber-reinforced pouch to date.

Why install both the Freeze Relief Valve and the Insulated Backflow Bag?

Insulated Freeze Protection Bag For Sprinkler System

The freeze relief valve and the insulated backflow bag can be installed together. Because the freeze relief valve discharges water slowly during the freezing temperatures, the bag insulates and keeps the water in the backflow warmer longer so that you will not discharge as much water. Furthermore, this lessening of water discharge will save you money on your water bill.

Overall, it is important to remember to schedule a professional for routine maintenance on your sprinkler system backflow to make sure everything is in place and prepared for the upcoming season.

Why is the winter a good time for sprinkler system updates?

Sprinker System installation in Houston

When a chill is in the air, you may not be thinking about your yard sprinkler system. We wanted to remind you that updating your system is preparing your yard for success. Below are some great reasons why updating the sprinkler system can avoid future downtime and problems losing plants and grass.

  1. This time of year you do not have to wait. You get our best crew now.
  2. Quantity discounts can save you money and we have ample supply of all quality commercial grade products!
  3. Big leaks can shut your system down until repaired.
    Older valves have mechanical failures and eventually will fail. Ask our licensed and trained professional on your type of valve and failure rate.
  4. Freeze Protection Discounts during winter months.
    Prepare and save now. Discount includes all freeze protection items including new back-flow, freeze relief valves, insulated bags, draining, isolation valves and pipe wrapping.
  5. Update your controller and add wi-fi with new updated Rain Bird application. This simplifies your settings and can save up to 30% on your water usage.
System Modification Options

Looking for system modifications on a larger scale? Here are some important questions to ask: Have you done any landscaping?  Did you complete any patio or pool work? Did you install a generator? Do you see consistent water puddles in your yard? Or, do you see consistent dry spots in your yard? Are you prepared with freeze protection?

Now is a great time to get an estimate for modifications to your sprinkler system, drainage system and lighting system.

Why is now a good time? Above all, you can get a better price, greater product choice and a careful installation.

Southwest Irrigation upgrading sprinkler system in Houston

Beat the heat of next year and get your yard ready now.

We have several special pricing promotions available now including volume discounts and finance options. These promotions are used by our customers for any sprinkler service, lighting service, drainage modifications or any new system. There are many options and great water saving features available now.

Our customer service representatives can help with questions. Be prepared with freeze protection or get a free quote for a new sprinkler system, drainage system, landscape lighting system by clicking here to request an appointment or giving us a call at 281-494-3700.

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