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It Is Time To Update Your System For Spring

January 27, 2023by Peter Hudson

Can you see it? The green grass and Crape Myrtles blooming with the trees in full bloom. You are relaxing on your patio in the late morning sunshine gazing at your beautiful backyard. Spring will be here soon, and I cannot wait. Houston spring weather is amazing. What are your plans for your outdoor living areas for 2023? Now is the time to update your system for spring. Updating your sprinkler system or drainage system is preparing your yard for success.

Southwest Irrigation Systems specializes in designing drainage, sprinkler systems and lighting.

We wanted to remind you that updating your sprinkler system or drainage system is preparing your yard for success. Below are some great reasons why updating can avoid future downtime and problems losing plants and grass this summer. We are offering some great discounts on all our installations and modifications through February. See how we give back and reward our customers. We also have excellent promotional financing available.

Reasons to get your projects done now and get ahead of the busy season and waiting.

  • Doing projects now can get you a better price. Last year we had record inflation, we hope this year will be much better. Doing the work now could possibly save you some cash.
  • We are a seasonal business, so we have greater product selection and supply this time of year before demand is heavy.
  • You may get a more careful installation when we have fewer projects and the stress of a lot of work.
  • Our customers are very important, and our mission is to provide an extraordinary service experience but we are human and get tired at times in the hot summer.
Sprinkler System Updates and Modifications
  • You may need your sprinkler system updated due to landscape changes or adding new plants.
  • You may have an older system that does not give you the best coverage and needs updating. Southwest
    Irrigation Systems uses the best and most efficient Rain Bird R-Van Nozzles which ensures proper coverage.
  • There are many options available to conserve water and save you money on your water bill. Did you add or expand your patio, put in an outdoor living area, add a new generator or do you want to conserve water? Talk to one of our licensed sprinkler experts with questions. If you need a repair or slight modifications, our licensed technicians are ready to take care of your needs.
Drainage Systems and Modifications

Any changes to your yard can impact the way rainwater naturally drains out of your yard. Blocking the path of water getting out can cause backup. You may need a drainage system to help get the water out from heavy rain. Maybe you need more drainage to increase the capacity of water getting out.

Does your backyard stay wet for weeks? Do your pets stay muddy? Do gutter downspouts make holes in your yard? Have you noticed any foundation issues? These are a few reasons to talk to one of our drainage specialists. Now is the time to update your system for spring. Call 281-494-3700 or click to request an appointment and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to talk with you about all of our special offers.

Find the best options that will fit your timeframe and budget. We have several special pricing promotions available now including special financing rates. 

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