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See why getting a Rain Sensor is a game changer!

May 22, 2023by Peter Hudson

The Rain Sensor Has Come A Long Way!

Rain sensors save up to 35% on your water usage. 

When I first started installing rain sensors many years ago, customers were very hesitant to buy one with some very valid complaints. The wired versions would get cut easily and your system would not function. They had to be installed correctly to see it function at the controller with no wifi capability.

The wired ones did not work well. Thankfully there has been many improvements in technology that have been a game changer. We use the Rain Bird WR2 exclusively because of durability, digital display, cold weather application and wifi capability. Click here to learn more about the Rain Bird Wifi Controller. Water conservation in Texas and across the country has helped drive change.

The Rain Bird W-2 rain sensor is considered a popular choice among homeowners and professionals due to several features and benefits it offers.

Reliable rain detection: The W-2 rain sensor uses advanced technology to detect rainfall accurately. It typically uses a moisture-sensing device such as a hygroscopic disk. It measures rainfall and triggers irrigation systems to turn off when a certain amount of rain has fallen.

Easy installation: The W-2 rain sensor is designed for easy installation and compatibility with various irrigation systems. It can be mounted in a convenient location, typically on a fence post or roof, and connected to the irrigation controller using simple wiring.

Adjustable rainfall sensitivity: This rain sensor allows you to adjust the sensitivity level to determine when the irrigation system should be turned off. This feature ensures that the system responds appropriately to different rainfall amounts. This prevents unnecessary watering and conserving water resources.

Versatile compatibility: The Rain Bird W-2 rain sensor is compatible with a wide range of irrigation controllers and systems, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It can be integrated with most brands and models of irrigation controllers, providing flexibility for users.

Water conservation: By automatically interrupting the irrigation system during rainfall, the W-2 rain sensor helps conserve water by preventing overwatering. This not only saves water resources but also reduces water bills and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

If you would like to have Southwest Irrigation Systems come out to check your rain sensor or install one for you, please call 281-494-3700 or click here to request an appointment.

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