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The Heat of Summer is Coming Soon

May 15, 2023by Peter Hudson

The heat of summer is coming soon to Houston and the need for irrigating your plants will increase significantly. An increase of about 30% is needed for watering in the summer. A good sign for the increase is when temperatures start going over 90 degree consistently for high temperature.

I was walking in my yard yesterday evening and noticed that my grass was looking fantastic because of the recent rain which is very beneficial for our landscaping.

There is no better coverage than mother nature watering it for us. It is also much better on the pocketbook.

We were talking meeting with our technicians this morning and was discussing our 5 point inspection. Part of the inspection is to check every spray and rotor head for potential problems.

We discussed how hard it is to see and to visualize potential leak problems when the yard is so green from rain. You have to be intentional and not let your guard down, watching each head spray its own area. Each spray head has a designed distance and amount of water flow (GPM), gallons per minute.

Several times a year you should check your spray head coverage in your sprinkler system. Personally, I know that I have some dry spots in my yard that need to get addressed.

Beat  the heat of summer; be proactive and take care of coverage issues before your plants and grass dies. If I wait till we have a dry month, it could be too late and I will be dragging the water hose around the yard to subsidize the poor coverage.

Your sprinkler system and landscaping may look like it is in great shape but I wanted to remind you to take a look at your system closely for problems. Feel free to request an appointment and have a technician come out. If you need some help or questions give us a call at 281-494-3700. You can also reach us by email Enjoy the benefits of the nice recent rain and have a great week.

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