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Quality Lighting Will Transform Your Home

September 9, 2022by Peter Hudson

I was riding my bike last night in my neighborhood and was appreciating some of the homes with lighting. The ones that looked the best where very few. Quality lighting with the right placement is so important. It can transform your home at night.

We switched to Sterling lighting several years ago because of the quality and beauty of the fixture and low failure rate. I can count on one hand the number of fixture failures we have had in the last few years. It is so important to us that you have a great product for years to come.

We can repair your outdoor lighting If you need some help getting your system going again or need some fixtures replaced. We have the equipment to find wire cuts and bad fixtures. Or,  feel free to get a free design consultation for a new lighting installation to transform your home.

Here 5 reasons why some choose to install quality lighting.

1. Beauty

Professional LED outdoor lighting can transform a dark home to an inviting masterpiece showcasing your home. Lighting compliments and highlights a home’s best features, including those that are normally hidden after the sun sets.

2. Increase your homes value

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey that showed 90 percent of home buyers found outside lighting one of the most desirable exterior features of a house.

3. Functionality

Landscape lighting allows you to do more of what you love, including spending time outside with your friends and family. You can increase the dramatic beauty of your yard, trees, and garden beds. Lighting makes your walkways, patio, and green areas more inviting.

4. Security and Safety

You can rely on outdoor lighting to illuminate your home, walkways, landscape and steps to allow for better visibility and safer access. After the sun goes down, there runs a risk of potential intruders. Most burglaries take place between 10pm-3am. Exterior lighting is a significant deterrent to crime, offering valuable protection.

5. Dimension

Is the outside of your home a bit dull? Using one, or a combination of specific lighting techniques, landscape lighting can create dramatic focal points around your home and highlight all the best features of your property.

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