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Sprinkler System Installation, Sugar Land, Texas 

Deciding to install a sprinkler system can be confusing and overwhelming. At Southwest Irrigation Systems, our team of state-licensed technicians is determined to bring you knowledgeable and professional service from start to finish. We are sure to bring you the best service for the best price in Sugar Land. 

Water conservation is our main goal when designing and installing new sprinkler systems. Here at Southwest Irrigation Systems, we're proud to be a Select Contractor of Rain Bird Irrigation Products to help with that goal. 

Why install an Automatic Sprinkler System? 

Having an automatic sprinkler system installed in your lawn helps spread out the water evenly across your entire lawn, decrease your usual water usage, save time and effort you would spend watering the lawn yourself, and even increases the value of your home. There is so much more that goes into watering your lawn the right way than just standing there with a water hose. Our team of experts is ready to build and install a water sprinkler system specific to your lawn and its watering needs.

 3 Year Written Warranty of New Installations 

  • We serve all our customers with a 3 Year Written Warranty on all new installations.
  • Free sprinkler adjustments on installations within the first 30 days.
  • Wireless rain sensor installed to keep your system off during periods of rain and to avoid system damage.
  • CAD drawing of your home to show the area of your yard being watered, the location of the rain sensor, heads, valves, pressure vacuum breaker, master shut-off valve, and controller.
  • Walk-thru of the system to show you how to use the controller and locations of main system components.
  • We can plan for future pool installations and future sprinkler expansions.
  • Grass and beds restored to the pre-installation condition. 

Call Southwest Irrigation Systems today to find out how installing an automatic sprinkler system can improve the look and health of your lawn!