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Common drainage problems we see when doing estimates at Houston area homes.

1) Soil is built up to high in yard and in the beds around foundation. In many cases the soil and mulch are over the weep holes. If your water pools up on the foundation you can get water in your home or cause mold problems. This can also cause a problem with termites.
2) Some backyards tend to hold water because the water just cannot get out to the street. There are concrete patios and walkways, concrete pads for air conditioners, fences, landscaping, outdoor living areas, and homes are built close together. it is a given that we will have some sort of drainage issues now or sometime in the future. Most common problems are water holding and pooling around patio and water puddling along side of home along fence line.
3) Gutter Downspouts can cause soil erosion along your foundation and in your yard and beds. You can tie these into your drainage.
4) Foundations are staying too wet causing foundation problems. Usually it is on the sides of home.
5) Debris along fence line is blocking natural water exit under wooden fence to front yard. This could be as simple as removing grass clipping and leaves.
6) Many backyards stay to wet during rainy season or over watering from sprinkler system causing grass and plant disease.
7) We see tracking muddy areas from pets.
9) Existing system is clogged due to a poor drainage installation or not keeping boxes and pipes clean. Hydro Jetting is a great way to clean pipe due to high pressure nozzles even if you have corrugated black pipes.
10) We see storage areas on the sides of home which block water from exiting yard. Example would be a pile of bricks or construction material. Just leave room for water to drain out.