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Lawn Fertilization Care, Sugar Land, Texas

There is more to lawn care than water and sunshine. A healthy lawn requires fertilizer to feed it and make your grass grow. When you apply fertilizer to your lawn, you're replacing and replenishing essential nutrients that make it flourish. There are many factors that go into determining the type of fertilization: the type of grass, soil quality, and weather conditions that can affect the growth of the lawn.

The best time to feed your lawn is during the spring so that the nutrients can absorb into the soil, but it's also important to create a lawn fertilization schedule to make sure that your lawn is vibrant and healthy all year round. A stronger root system in your lawn allows for better water absorption and minimizes standing water in your lawn after large rainfalls.

Fertilization Services

Lesco Winterizer granules 8-4-20

This specific type of fertilizer is meant to help your lawn store food so it can survive during the winter months. It's not meant to promote growth in the winter, rather store the nutrients for thick, rapid growth and rooting during the spring season.

Lesco Cross-Check EZ granules

Lesco Cross-Check EZ granules insecticide to control ants, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, ticks, sod webworms, and chinch bugs.

Dylox 6.2 granules for White Grub Larvae

These granules are used to control White Grub Larvae, Mole crickets, Annual bluegrass weevil, Sod webworms, cranberry girdler, Cutworms, and Armyworms.

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