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Would You Like to Be A 2019 VIP?

How to Have Your Sprinkler System “Up to SWIS Standards” All Year Long and Receive 15% Off ALL Services!

Don’t you dislike it when you just had your sprinkler system serviced, and you have a mechanical failure on a part shortly after?  Or, you want your sprinkler system checked more often, but the pricing is “cost prohibitive”?  Introducing……

The SWIS Maintenance Program!

Have your heads, controller, valves, rain sensor, and backflow checked ALL YEAR LONG for a Low Upfront Investment!

How is that Possible?

When we factor in the average frequency of system check-ups and the promotions we offer from time to time, we have found that having you as a regular, protected client cost us less, which means we can pass the savings on to you!

Here’s How it Works:

Any existing customer is eligible to join by simply paying a small upfront fee and this is what you get:

  • SWIS standard system check-ups in Spring, Summer, Fall!
  • Each checkup includes: Programming controller for the season, check rain sensor (if applicable), adjust spray heads, unclog spray nozzles, backflow inspection, inspect functionality of all zone valves, leak check on spray heads, leak check on lateral line piping, leak check for mainline piping which would include free pressure test if necessary
  • Suggestions for water savings upgrades and modifications
  • 15% discounts on parts/labor
  • VIP priority scheduling
  • Private, promotional VIP specials once a quarter
  • $49 service charge waived at each service appointment

How Much Does It “Cost”?

It actually doesn’t “cost” anything in the long run because regular maintenance prevents premature wear of your sprinkler system or landscape AND will give you a much longer rate of return on your sprinkler investment. To be a VIP you simply pay a small upfront fee of $250, and you are on your way to a care free irrigation system.

What’s not included?  Parts and labor, but VIP Members receive 15% OFF standard rates all year long!

To Enroll, Simply Give Us A Call (281) 494-3700

Click here to view/download 2019 SWIS Residential Sprinkler System Maintenance Agreement

Click here to view/download 2019 SWIS Drainage Maintenance Agreement



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