We are Irrigation, Drainage, and Outdoor Lighting Specialists
since 1985

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Poor coverage?

A: Dry areas are due to poor head spacing or faulty heads. With SWIS, we provide you with the custom coverage you need.

Q: The installer not returning your phone call?

A: SWIS has office personnel to respond within 24 business hours by phone, email or through our website.

Q: Designs not allowing plant growth?

A: SWIS understands all homes are unique, so we leave room for future expansion.

Q: Concerned about your sod or beds?

A: No one takes care of your yard like we do. Our install crew uses a sod cutter and we make sure your beds and grass are carefully put back.

Q: What will my water usage be for my sprinkler system?

A: We can calculate your monthly water usage on your sprinkler system

Q: You want to turn the water to the sprinkler system off without affecting the water to the home?

A: SWIS installs a main shut-off valve that allows you to turn off the water to your irrigation system only.

Q: High repairs costs?

A: Our installations are designed to have a minimal future repair cost. Some companies install manifolds; multiple valves in one valve box. A manifold can be easier to install but more costly to repair. Instead of replacing one valve, you must replace them all.

Q: Costly wire cuts and pipe damage?

A: Our wires and mainline PVC pipe are buried a minimum of 10” and lateral lines are buried a minimum of 6”. This will help avoid costly wire cuts and pipe damage when digging on the property.

Q: Beds too wet or grass to dry?

A: Bed zones do not need as much water as grass zones; SWIS separates grass zones from bed zones to prevent issues like this.

Q: Unsure how to work your controller?

A: No worries, SWIS has you covered. A walk-thru and a tutorial on how to optimize your sprinkler system is offered with every installation.

Q: Not enough time to schedule multiple appointments for repairs?

A: SWIS sends out a licensed technician and an assistant, with a fully stocked truck, to handle all your needs on your first appointment.